Articles | Volume 7, issue 2
SOIL, 7, 639–659, 2021

Special issue: Tropical biogeochemistry of soils in the Congo Basin and the...

SOIL, 7, 639–659, 2021

Original research article 01 Oct 2021

Original research article | 01 Oct 2021

Heterotrophic soil respiration and carbon cycling in geochemically distinct African tropical forest soils

Benjamin Bukombe et al.

Data sets

TropSOC Database. V. 1.0 Sebastian Doetterl, Benjamin Bukombe, Matthew Cooper, Laurent Kidinda, Daniel Muhindo, Mario Reichenbach, Anna Stegmann, Laura Summerauer, Florian Wilken, and Peter Fiener

Short summary
Through a laboratory incubation experiment, we investigated the spatial patterns of specific maximum heterotrophic respiration in tropical African mountain forest soils developed from contrasting parent material along slope gradients. We found distinct differences in soil respiration between soil depths and geochemical regions related to soil fertility and the chemistry of the soil solution. The topographic origin of our samples was not a major determinant of the observed rates of respiration.